Despite a multitude of modern achievements, human pathologies remain a major burden in our society. Non-communicable diseases such as cancer show increasing prevalence due to the demographic shift toward the elderly as well as environmental challenges and unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, the growing world population, living in large urban areas, is exposed to an increasing variety of infectious diseases with potentially enormous impact on the economies and social fabric of our modern global societies.

We at JLP Health strive to develop first-in-class medicines based on the discovery of novel drug target structures. With a focus on oncology and infectious disease we aim to provide better medicines to patients around the globe.


Under the roof of JLP Health in Vienna, Austria, we will define novel drug target structures and explore the development of related medicines. Our ambitious goal to develop first-in-class medicines is supported by two JLP affiliate companies, Acus Laboratories GmbH and Angal Biotechnology Inc. 

Acus Laboratories GmbH is a Max-Planck spin-out company based in the Max-Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne, Germany. Equipped with unique genetic screening technology Acus offers target deconvolution services and strongly supports JLP target discovery projects.

Angal Biotechnology Inc. is based in Suzhou, China.  After completion of the laboratory construction Angal Biotechnology will offer target deconvolution services through forward genetics to mainlaind China and foster the development of first in-class medicines in the JLP Health family.