JLP Health

Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of JLP Health reflects the ambition of creating a leading international company benefiting from the strengths of its key people and the possibilities of its affiliates, Acus Laboratories GmbH (short: Acus) in Germany and Angal Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (short: Angalbio) in China.

The basis for the sustainability and stability of JLP Health is guaranteed by the fact that the (co-)founders and all relevant scientific experts are shareholders of JLP Health. Besides the (co-)founders and the management team of JLP Health a seed investment of business angels enabled the start of JLP Health’s business activities. 


Organizational Chart with Affiliates

JLP Health Gmbh



Dr. Liqun Zhang, PhD

Dr. Hansjoerg Gruber


Scientific Advisory Board


Prof. Dr. Josef Penninger, MD
Dr. N. Rao Movva, PhD
Dr. Norbert Bischofberger, PhD
Dr. Bert Klebl, PhD


Scientific Experts

Dr. Martin Denzel, PhD
Dr. Ulrich Elling, PhD