Our disruptive Technology

We combine world leading advanced cell engineering with our unique technology to mine the function of the entire genome at an unprecedented single amino acid resolution



Operating Worldwide

Applying our unprecedented technology by a strong team of world leading scientific experts in Europe and China we are capable to deliver the next break-through drug.



We combine haploid cellular systems with unique state of the art genetic screening approaches to launch drug development projects based on novel target structures

ACUS - Our Company in Germany

The Acus Screening Technology has a clear advantage compared to approaches using RNAi or CRISPR/Cas9 technology, that fail to interrogate essential genes, and subsequently fail to identify the exact sites of drug action


JLP HEALTH - Our Experts and Advisors

A team of worldwide experts ignites the fire for groundbreaking discoveries

Our leading Experts

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Josef Penninger, MD
Dr. Norbert Bischofberger


Scientific Experts

Dr. Martin Denzel, PhD


Angal Biotechnology

Angalbio envisions to develop first-in-class treatment opportunities in China based on novel drug target structures emerging from mode of action studies of natural compounds

Our Joint Venture in China

Angalbio is established in Suzhou High Tech Zone as a Joint Venture of JLP Health GmbH with Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) and Suzhou New High Tech District (SND) to create a leading player in the pharmaceutical market of mainland China